It's not a real big crises but 8 weeks ago it started with a DNF at Offenbacher Halfmarathon. I had some stiches in my left foot and I was not able to run normally. I ran totally different and so my Quads and hips and legs didn’t want to go on.       

After that DNF I decided to do a longer break without running and no other sports at all. As you might know I don’t like other sports that much. I mean I like them but I am not that person who is doing a lot of alternative training, gym sessions and things like that. For me it’s just boring and I really can’t motivate myself to do these other sports instead of running. So I did a 4 weeks rest.

After this resting period I started slowly again with 5k or maximum 10k running 4 times in a week. That‘s what I am still doing. One day running, one day rest. Nothing else. And I run just how I feel. I still have some problems with my foot. The funny thing is when I run slowly it is worse. When I run faster I don‘t feel the problems. So I run most of the time a little faster.

The beginning of the problems was a toe joint inflammation. I started to run different and in a protective posture. I am going to see a doctor soon again. But to be honest I don’t like doctors. You have to wait for appointments a long time and then the doctor tells you to do this and that. And nothing helps most of the time. What helps is to listen to your body and to rest when you need it. And stamina when it takes a longer time for recovery. And I tell you something: At the moment I also don‘t want to run every day. It is winter and in december I am often not motivated to go out for a run. Especially with that foot. The doctor said I can train and it‘s ok as long as I don‘t have a strong pain. And I don‘t have a real pain when I run. It‘s just that I don‘t feel good. I am not motivated as usual. I run different. I don’t have the energy.

Last year in december I was motivated like hell. I ran more than 160 km and up to 200km each week. I didn‘t care if it was -5 degrees or whatever. I was in a very good shape and ran a 10k in 30:51 minutes without any speedwork and in a big kilometer week.

Now it‘s different. I don‘t have a big race coming up so I think it is ok and good for me at the moment to run less. In 2015 and 2016 for example I also ran not much in december. It was also just 60k in average per week. I think december is not my month.

But anyway. I will go on. I will run how I feel. When I feel like lying on the couch I will stay on the couch. When I feel like running fast, I will try it.

Today I was not motivated at all but somehow I went out for a 10k in the evening and in the dark and it ended with a solid 10k in 35:42 minutes. I didn‘t expect that. I hope december is over very soon.

On 1. January the new year starts. And that‘s good. A new year with new goals. New runs. New motivation. In my 21 years of running I often started to train harder and more kilometers again with the new year and in january. Hopefully that will be the same thing again soon.

So far I don‘t miss to run every day but with big and nice new competitions coming up in 2019 I will do it again. A little running crisis is ok, especially in the time of christmas you don‘t need to train hard. Relax and take your time with your family and friends. Whatever.

I wish you already a great christmas and a good start into the new year. With or without running.

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  • Peter
    Lieber Forian,

    auch ich habe in den letzten Jahren immer wieder mit der einen oder anderen doofen Verletzung zu kämpfen gehabt: Mal die Achilliessehne (dauert immer noch an), mal ein Ermüdungsbruch (ist geheilt!) und das eine Ziperlein hier und da….. Aber mit nunmehr 53 Jahren und nach gut und gerne mehr als 35 Jahren “Ballern” :-) habe ich nur einen Rat: Lieber zu Beginn einer Verletzung rechtzeitig etwas runterfahren und pausieren, als durch Weitertrainieren “hintenraus” länger verletzt zu sein als nötig – oder gar dauerhafte Beschwerden zu haben.
    Also: Kopf hoch und versuche die Zwangspause etwas Gutes abzugewinnen.
    Mit läuferischen Grüßen

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